Who is MG Self Storage?

MG Self Storage is a self storage facility run by the Glanvill family and is based at Rydon Farm, Woodbury.

Rydon Farm is still a fully functioning farm and the family and their team spend their time looking after the land and animals on a daily basis.

MG Self Storage was set up in May 2010 and has run alongside the farm ever since.

Student Storage in Exeter

Having started with only 2 units we have grown to meet demand and now have 157 units on site.

The self storage containers we use are ‘one trip units’, this means they have come to the UK carrying products such as cars or toys and then come straight to us to be used as self storage containers.

All of our units are green to blend into our farm setting and before they are rented out, we spray a product called graffo on the roof to eliminate any risk of condensation.

Business Storage Services in Exeter

Being located near to the villages of Topsham, Lympstone, Exton and Ebford we hope to be the extra space you need without having to face the traffic and challenges of getting into the city.

With the family all living on the farm, there is always someone on hand to help out. This also adds the benefit of additional security as the family members and the farm team are always around.

If you are visiting MG Self Storage in the spring, summer or autumn, there is a high chance of seeing some of our cattle in the fields. These are a mix of Aberdeen Angus, Belgian Blue and Holstein Friesian. Don’t worry, they won’t bite! However they may well walk over to see you as they are very inquisitive.

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